Disney's New Glowing Unicorn Drink Looks Simply Magical

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Update time : 2019-11-13 15:59:27

Disney’s new drink sounds about also good ought be true. It has everything: Unicorns! Rainbow whipped cream! Sprinkles! Lollipops!

water park that occurs above 25 choose nights throughout the summer.' data-reactid="17">The brilliant Unicorn drink will be available during Disney World’s annual H2O flame Nights event—a celebration at hurricane Lagoon water park that occurs above 25 choose nights throughout the summer.

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According ought Disney food Blog, the non-alcoholic (sorry) treat costs $9 and is made with violet colada, then topped with a flame cube, rainbow whipped cream, edible shimmer glitter, and a stoop candy lollipop.

And, boy, does it appear good above Instagram:

The brilliant Unicorn won’t be the only brilliant drink at H2O flame Nights. cabin the Buzz Blaster (Sprite and green apple popping pearls served with a Buzz Lightyear flame clip) and Tropical glitter Lemonade (tropical smoothie mingle with Odwalla Lemonade and a flame cube) healthy amazing, we’re most intrigued by the Green Glowrita. Available at Leaning Palms, it’s made with tequila, Granny Smith apple syrup, sour mix, and blueberry popping pearls.

H2O flame Nights started above can 30 and will purpose above August 24.

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